who lives in a barn?

hi! i have a new listing in my etsy shop: barn finger puppets storage pattern.

a customer came to me with an idea of a storage for finger puppets. she requested me to design a barn storage for the farm friends finger puppets.

even though it took me weeks before i could finally managed to come up with the template, now the barn pattern is now ready to be purchased in etsy.

the barn storage can be folded and carried like a little bag. or you can also leave it open and hang it on the wall for display with the finger puppets inside.

aren't they adorable?

i might come up with more storage ideas for the princess, zoo, and many more! :)

hurry visit my etsy shop! the barn storage will be a great christmas gift for your little ones.
and don't forget, you can still have the 30% discount in my etsy shop until 25 november.



my etsy shop turns 5 today!

my etsy shop turns 5 today! yeeay!

on 25 october 2009 i opened this shop in etsy with full anticipation.
the first year sales were not too promising, because i only have few listings up. but as time flies, i learned that as i put up more listings, people visited my shop more often, and my shop received more admirers and made more sales!

as of today, my shop has 4,322 sales and has 2,137 admirers. i think the statistic looks amazing! 

i have to thank my customers for giving me encouraging feedbacks. thank you all, you are the best!
and of course i have to thank etsy for providing me with a place to channel my creativity in a profitable way. i personally feel that etsy is still the best online market place available today. good job etsy!

oh well, enough for the speech.
now we move on to the fun part: DISCOUNT!

to celebrate the great five years of our togetherness with etsy, my shop will give 30% discount for all items in my shop!
just insert the coupon code GREAT5YEARS when you make the purchase.
the coupon code will be expired on 25 november 2014.

happy shopping :)



new year discount celebration for my etsy shop

happy new year 2014!! 

to celebrate the new year, i'm offering a 20% discount in my etsy shop (for a minimum purchase of USD 10) after your first purchase.

a coupon code will be e-mailed to you after your first purchase in my shop, and you can use it for your next purchase.

make sure that you have set your e-mail to be able to receive the coupon code notification from etsy. 
go to your etsy account and choose: your account > settings> emails  and choose
the promotion valid through january 2014.



disney princess

the disney princess is available in my etsy shop. we have cinderella, belle, aurora, ariel and snow white.

it's perfect as a birthday gift for a lovely little girl :)

hurry, get your pdf pattern today! :)



buy one dogs finger puppets pattern from my etsy and get one more pattern for free!

buy one dogs finger puppets pattern and get one more pattern for free! 

since my dogs finger puppets pattern is featured in mollie makes magazine, i'm now in the mood to celebrate it with all my lovely customers out there.

i'm hosting a promotion in my etsy shop: if you buy one dogs finger puppets pattern (worth US$5), you can choose one other pattern from my shop for free! Just mention the pattern of your choice in the note to the seller when you check out. this promotion is not apply for the nativity finger puppets pattern.

this promotion will be closed on 27 april 2013, 00.00 hrs jakarta's time (GMT+7 hrs).

hurry! :)


being featured in mollie makes magazine

my dogs finger puppets are being featured in mollie makes magazine!! i'm soo happy!!

it feels like the recognition for my status as a crafter has finally gone global. woohoo!
the lovely people in the mag have managed to make the dogs look cuter than ever. just look at how adorable they are!! 

hey look, that's me! :)

thank you the mollie makes team, especially lara watson, for giving me this opportunity to be exist in you awesome magazine! :)



happy valentine's day

happy valentine's day everyone! may your day filled
with love and happiness :)
i'm enjoying a cup of peach tea (with a little heart on the string)
on my working desk.
i'm such a sucker for everything romantic and lovey dovey... hehe

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